Watch Neighbors (2014) Full Movie Streaming Online Free

Watch&nbspNeighbors (2014)&nbspFull Movie Streaming Online Free Show Title : Neighbors (2014)
Tagline : Family vs. Frat
Genre : Comedy
Runtime : 1:36 Minutes
Studio : Good Universe
Country : United States of America
Reviews : 'Family drama' meets 'Teen party'. An awesome concept that was wasted with the bad casting. I never enjoyed Zac Efron's presence in any movie. I consider him one of the worst, according to my taste in actors and their performances. And again this movie crashed down because of him, otherwise somehow it could have been an enjoyable flick, especially with the stars like Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in it. These two guys tried to lift it up, but the other side of the story failed. The two unmatched set of the cast that did not pay off as one as what the audience wanted, the fun. So it is kind of mixed feeling to me about the movie like half enjoyed. The end wide opens for a sequel, if there's one I hope the couple would retain their place, but the rest needs a fresh start, especially not Zac again please. 6/10

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